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First Application and market replication projects

The scope of the project is to realize a Robonail, a fully robotic Just-In-Time pallet production facility. The smart-line production line can be placed anywhere in the pallet supply chain, bringing optimizations in warehousing for all actors, full robotic intelligent control of pallet production and instant pallet dimensioning on-demand.

The robotized manufacturing allows the manufacturing of pallets of various sizes with similar volumes as serial manufacturing. Some factories can use hundreds of different sized pallets.

During the project the work packages will include a comprehensive testing and validation of Robonail pallet manufacturing facility in real environment, the Robonail technology is piloted in two different customer premises, also the turn-key ePac business model is piloted.

The Robonail technology is also validated through a third partly analysis on the performance of the technology. A comprehensive Life-Cycle Analysis will be done for the whole value chain: forest management - thinning wood cutting and transportation - thinning wood sawing - Robonail pallet manufacturing - pallet delivery and reuse - pallet burning for energy usage.